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It should be noted that some animals will not be deterred by these structures. Squirrels can climb the fence, for example. Wild turkeys can fly over it.

How to Choose the Right Fence to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

When the population of deer gets out of control in an area, these animals will often come out of their hiding places and begin to look for new food sources. A garden is a buffet of delight for deer and they can quickly destroy a garden in a matter of a few minutes. It is important homeowners know the steps they can take to make sure their garden is fully protected. One of the most effective means of protection is deer fencing. With this information, homeowners will know what they should look for to make sure they choose correctly.

What Should Homeowners Look For?

Choosing the right fencing involves careful research, so an individual can fully understand the habits of deer and what can be done to keep them out. It is important to note; not all fencing is created equal. Deer are intelligent animals and they are very strong. A durable fence must be chosen to ensure the deer cannot tear it down and gain access by jumping over the fence. There are a wide array of fencing choices, but homeowners would be wise to choose a fence that is specifically made to keep deer out.


Height is crucial when choosing fencing for deer. Some deer grow to great height and are able to easily jump over shorter types of fencing. For the best results, it is wise for a homeowner to install fencing that is at least eight feet in height, especially if there is a large abundance of buck. Deer need to be deterred in the safest way possible and having a high enough fence will prevent the need for electrification, which is not always the humane approach to deterring deer.

A homeowner also needs to make sure the fence is solid and does not have any gaps that would allow a deer to climb through. As stated above, deer are intelligent creatures and if there is a way for them to gain access to a garden, they will take it without hesitation. It is wise for a homeowner to work with a professional to install their fence and ensure there are no access points that would leave their garden vulnerable to deer attacks.

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